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All license to be creative
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This label is based in Les Lilas, France. It rises as a free and resilient process, to act on the ways we produce and promote music. After publishing his first album in a major label the singer song fighter Jon Malkin decided to create this label, as a shelter for his new project in 2019: P.H.A.R.E. The imperatives of the entertainment’s industries are still constitutive of a pressure that can induce subtile and dangerous forms of violence towards any creative or cultural actor. We think that creation should first be a source of joy and share, that music should be considered first as culture. The label is therefore also a manifesto: to grow and protect an honest and natural relationship between artists and their fans, which the internet allows us to create. Discretion rather than hysterical promotions, Culture rather than entertainment, mental health rather than economical pressure. Hail to all craft men of sounds, independent and alternative artists, experimental and meaningful bricolages. We carry love in our DNA. - Welcome in a safe place -
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